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15 July 2009 @ 09:31 am
a tale of 3 resorts  
During my 3 night stay on Koh Chang I've managed to stay in 3 separate resorts.

Our first night I tried to stay at one of the super-cheap fan-cooled bungalows at Magic Garden. Magic Garden was charming, and featured a diaper-wearing monkey sharing a pillowbed with a tomcat. (Monkey is two years old. Cat and Monkey are friends. Cute overload.) But the rooms didn't seem enticing in the rain, and I kinda felt an urge for aircon convenience. The proprietors recommended Golden Mount next door.

Golden Resort is fronted by a typical restaurant/bar, which seemed to be the local katooey hangout when I arrived. But the room was gorgeous: polished wood floors, big sliding glass doors, teak furniture, enthusiastic aircon, and a totally feng-shui bathroom like a wet room built on top of a zen rock garden. All this for 700 baht. No, wait, I'm the only custome today. I can have the room for 600 baht. Omg, so very much sold.

It turns out that these resorts are actually down at the Bang Bao end of Lonely Beach. Thus, pretty quiet and isolated, with only a few bars and restaurants, cut off from the crowds. And, no easy beach access. Still, the available food was cheap and tasty (excellent, spicy panang fish curry = the yum).

The next day I moved north to a more populous beach. Here my 700 baht bought me a fan cooled bungalow a row or two back from the ocean.

This turned out to be a disaster. The fan turned out to be a garden variety desk fan bolted to a wall.