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13 May 2009 @ 08:13 pm
Dollhouse Finale  
I wanted the season finale last night, and I've finally formed an opinion.  (Thanks, Hulu.com!)

I'm sorry, Joss, ya blew it. 

The finale shows where the show could have gone.  Alpha is the next phase of human evolution, a renegade active with a super-charged brain, and he has his own "Chair." 

Wait.  Stop.  Let's say that again.

He has his own Chair.

Alpha possesses the same technology as the Dollhouse.  He can wipe, transfer, and rebuild a human personality.  Unencumbered by morality or oversight, Alpha can replace anyone he wants.  He can be anyone he wants.  He can build himself an army of Dolls, of Alpha-primes, of psychopaths, superspies, leaders, sleepers, geniuses.  Anyone in or out of the Dollhouse could be his pawn.  This suddently isn't a sci-fi Alias knock-off -- we're in David Cronenberg territory.  The new flesh.  Videodrome.  Scanners.

But no.  Joss flirts with the concept, but then quickly devolves Alpha into yet another garden variety psychopath.   Why does Alpha end the episode waving a gun around when he has the god-like powers of the freaking Chair?

This could have been the launching point down the rabbit hole of a really interesting story.  This should have been episode 4 or 5.  Instead of telling that story, the screenwriters instead chose to dress Elisha Dushku up in a series of "Role of the Day" costumes and managed to pad an entire season of apocalyptic sci-fi with fluff episodes.

For a few glimmering moments in the early dawn of the final episode, a really interesting, novel television series almost emerged.  And then didn't.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  So long, Dollhouse.  Better luck next time, Joss.