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12 March 2009 @ 04:23 pm
the new ipod nano  
The new iPod Nano(tm) is really cool.  Apple's smallest iPod evar!

Authorized Apple techicians inject the iPod Nano(tm) micromachines directly into your brain through your ear canal, where they seek out and adhere directly to your cochlear nerve.

New songs can be downloaded very conveniently by simply listening to music.  The new iPod Nano identifies the song by aural fingerprint, and stores hundreds of hours of music using your brain's own organic memory system.  Playback is a snap (but humming along may inadvertently share intellectural property with out iPod Nano users, and is in violation of section 16.2 of the iPod Nano EULA).   Thanks to the iPod Nano's new Organic Reformatting (ORF(tm))  technology, the entire existence of a song can cleanly, completely, and permanently removed from memory, opening up new vistas for the secure delivery of DRM-protected music from a wide variety of vendors.

The 2012 iPod Nano!  You might already have one!